Vegetables in Japanese

Lesson23: Vegetables

Vegetables: a��a?�a?� e�Ze??
Garlic: a?�a��a?�a??
Onion: a?Ya??a?�a?Z
Pepper: a?�a��a?�a??
Ketchup: a��a??a??a??a?�
Tomato: a??a?za??
Carrot: a?�a��a??a��
Suquash: a?�a??a??a�?
Cabbgae: a��a??a?�a?�
Cucumber: a??a��a?�a�S
Eggplant: a??a?�

How was it?

You need to know this vocabularyA�when you go to a supermarket in Japan.

Actually, Ketchup is just exactly the same, kechappu. There are a lot of loanwords in Japanese, and this is one of them.

This vocabulary of vegetables must be necessary when you go to the supermarket.

In this video, I speak as follows.

1 Tokyo dialect
2 Slow
3 Slow
4 Kansai dialect

Probably some people realize that the intonation is different.

Since I have 2 accents, I just wanted you to learn both accents.

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