Tsutomu Uematsu TED talk

Believe Yourself: Law of Attraction

He teaches us that we should never say impossible. Our dream comes true if we keep trying withA�a hope.

His dream was to become an engineer who makes aA�rocket.

His teacher taught him that you should study before chasing your dream.

Also, the teacher told him, your dream is unrealistic. If you want to make a rocket, you must be really smart. It is not realistic, do not dream.

You can not do it.

He wondered, then what is a dream?

Why the person who never tried it before, can teach me the dream is impossible?

Do we need to dream only the one which is attainable?

I thought the dream is the one I can not do it now.

Now he is making the rocket…

?�?a?�a???��a?? Hope invites

In the video, the title was translated into ‘Hope invites’

I just picked some of the sentences from the video for just summary.


His grandmother taught him,
The value of money can change, so you should buy books if you have money. Read books and learn. If you learn, you will not lose the wisdom and knowledge.

We fail but do not blame yourself because it means you are growing.

When you fail, please do not blame yourself.

When you feel hurt, sorry, frustrated, sad and ashamed,
you can say ” I am growing now! ”

He mentioned we were born to save the world and other people.

We should look for the way to succeed but do not look for the reason why you cannot.

Let’s do not say “It is impossible, anyway” when we talk about our dream.

Instead, let’s say “Try this way instead”.

Well, the translation on youtube was like above.

Learn from failure and try again and again until it works

We can learn from the failure and try another way until it works.

We fail to succeed because otherwise, we can not know if it works or not.

Therefore, we should not be afraid the failure to succeed.

Like Edison, we should try 1000 times to find 1 thing it works.
Colonel Sanders got 1009 times of “NO” until he got the first “YES” to succeed.
Founder of McDonald, Ray Kroc say, the key to success is “persistence”.










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