Master Hiragana and Katakana!
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Learning Japanese!

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Here's a breakdown of what you get...

  • Perfect for the complete beginners and you can master hiragana and katakana!
  • Total 156 page; A Native Japanese teacher created all the contents!
  • All you need to know to master hiragana and katakana are packaged!
  • 40 Variations of Hiragana Katakana Romaji Charts!
  • More than 10 types of writing practice sheets for hiragana katakana and kanji!
  • In the video lecture, I explained how to write, read, and pronounce all hiragana and katakana letters using the sheets I provided in the book so you can practice watching my video!
  • Various variations of writing Practice Sheets: Plain, Stroke Order, Trace, and Blank
  • Learn the rule of long vowels and double consonants
  • Pronunciation Practice
  • Learn Japanese writing systems
  • Learn Basic Kanji and numbers in Kanji with Video
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