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Useful websites to decide your school

Japanese Language School Database

You can find or research all Japanese school in Japan from this website.

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School


KAI Japanese Language School

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School

??�a?�a?�a��?�???�e?za��e�? ?��a�??��?�?e?Zc??a��

Tokyo central Japanese language school in Shinjuku Tokyo!

Shinjuku is very cool city and you will find various things! Shinjuku is like a business city but also there are a lot of places you can enjoy!

Top 10 Japanese School Ranking (In Progress…)

1A�A�JCLI ?�???�e?za��?�?





This school’s website is not so great, honestly.





7 ?�???�??�a?�a�?es�a��e�?

8 cZ�a�?a�?es�a��e�?

9 a???��?�???�?��a?�c��c��?��?�???�e?za��?�?


10 ?��a�?a�?es�a��e�???�a?�?�?


Other Japanese Language School

Hiroshima International Business College

Gendai Gaigo Gakuin

It seems the official website is currently not available.


Minsai Kyoto Japanese Language School

Yamasa Japanese Language School

Some popular Japanese Language School best 11

Kyuushuu a??a��a?�a?�a��a?� a??a�z

WAHAHA Japanese Language School

Location: Fukuoka in Kyuushuu

It seems one of the popular school in kyuushuu.

Kyushu Japanese Language School




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?�? sun, day

?�? Hiragana Romaji meaning
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a??a��a�?a?? a?� a?? Ka hi
Radical, bushu a?�a?? a?�a??a??a�� a?? a??a??a��
?�??�??�? a?�a??a�?a?�a?? Nichiyoubi sunday
a???�? a?�a?�a?� Futsuka The second day of the month
c???�? a?�a��a??a??a?� Shukujitsu Public holiday
??Za��a?� a?�a?�a��a?� Akarui Bright
?��a?� a??a��a?� Hayai early
e�Ya?� a??a��a?� Hayai fast

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