Japanese Grammar Particle Lesson: dea?�, toa?? | Vehicle dea?� ikimasu kimasu kaerimasu | Person/Animal toa?? Verb

Japanese Grammar Particle Lesson: dea?�, toa?? | Vehicle dea?� ikimasu kimasu kaerimasu | Person/Animal toa?? Verb


Japanese Grammar Particle Lesson: dea?�, toa?? | Vehicle dea?� ikimasu kimasu kaerimasu | Person/Animal toa?? Verb

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In this case,A�nounA�isA�vehicle
The particle a?� indicates a means or method.
the speaker attaches itA�afterA�a noun, representing a vehicle and uses it together with a movement verb to indicate his or her means of transport.

When talking about walking somewhere, the speaker uses the expressionA�a?�a��a?�a?�, in this case, the particle a?� is not used



In this case, noun is person or animal

When talking about doing something with a person or an animal, the person or animal is marked with the particle a??

If doing something by oneself, the expression a??a??a�Sa?� is used, in this case, the particle a?? is not used.


Interrogative a?�a?� (when)

to ask about time, interrogatives using a??a��, such as a??a��a??a�?a??a��a�?a?�a??a�?and a??a��a??a?�a??a��a?�a?? are used.
the interrogative a?�a?� is also used to ask when something will happen or happened. a?�a?� does not take the particle a?�



A�a?�a?�e??a??a??a?�a?�(How will you go?)

If you want to ask someone how he or she will go to the destination, you can say

so the example answer will be ?��a?�a?�e??a??a??a?� I go by walk
a??a��a??a?�a?�a??a??a?� I go by car.




a?�a�?a??a?�a??a??a?�a?�(Who is going with you?)

If you want to ask someone who is going with him or her to the destination, you can say

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Lesson 49:

Japanese Grammar Particle Lesson: Vehicle dea?� ikimasu kimasu kaerimasu | Person/Animal toa?? Verb | interrogative a?�a?� itsu

Today’s particles: dea?� toa??
Interrogative itsua?�a?�(when) nanide/nandea?�a?�(by what) daretoa?�a�?a??(with who)

Noun(vehicle) dea?� ikimasu kimasu kaerimasu
a?�a??a??a?� a??a??a?� a?�a??a�Sa??a?�
e??a??a??a?� ???a??a?� a?�a�Sa??a?�

Noun(person/animal) toa?? Verb

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