Kanji Lesson: How to write Kanji/Proper Stroke Order: Basic Kanji 3 | Lesson 39

Kanji Lesson: How to write Kanji/Proper Stroke Order: Basic Kanji 3 | Lesson 39

How to write Kanji

Today’s Kanji List

e?�e?�a?? eY?e?�a?? a?� a?�a?�?�?a�? Comment
cY? Stone a?�a?� Ishi a��a�� Seki cY?a�?c?? One of the prefectures in Japan
a�? River a?�a�? Kawa a��a?? Sen Looks like a river
c�� Eye a�? Me a??a�? Moku c��??� goal
a?� Middle/the average a??a?� Naka a??a??a�� Chuu a?�c?s intermediate
aS� Power/force a??a?�a�� Chikara a??a��a�?a??a?�a�? Riki, ryoku a?�aS� Strong
a?Y Soil a?�a?? Tsuchi a?�a�?a?? Do, to a?Y?�??�? Saturday
a?? year a??a?� Toshi a??a?? Nen a�Sa?? This year
c�? town a??a?? machi a??a?�a�� chou a��a��c�? Common Surfix of some address


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Kanji Lesson: How to write Kanji: Basic Kanji 3 | Lesson 39
Proper kanji stroke order

e?�e?�a?? eY?e?�a??
cY? Stone a?�a?� a��a��
a�? River a?�a�? a��a??
c�� Eye a�? a??a�?
a?� Middle/the average a??a?� a??a??a��
aS� Power/force a??a?�a�� a??a��a�?a??a?�a�?
a?Y Soil a?�a?? a?�a�?a??
a?? year a??a?� a??a??
c�? town a??a?? a??a?�a��

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