Face Parts in Japanese | Lesson 26

Face parts in Japanese | Lesson 26

Face parts in Japanese - PlainJapanese



Face parts in Japanese : Lesson 26,

How was the video?

My accent was in both Kansai dialect and Tokyo dialect…


Today’s Japanese vocabulary is as below.

face kao a?�a?S e?�
head atama a?�a?Ya?? e��
hair kami a?�a?? e�?
forhead odeko a?Sa?�a?� a?Sa?�a?�
ear mimi a??a?? e�?
eyebrow mayuge a??a��a?� c?�??�
eyelash matsuge a??a?�a?� a??a?�??�
nose hana a??a?? e?�
mouth kuchi a??a?? a??
tooth ha a?? ?�?

There are same HOMONYMS a??eY?c��c?�e?z a?�a?�a?Sa��a?�a?Za?�, such as kami


i?� hair e�?a�?e�?a?�??�

i?� god c?z


i?�nose e?�

i?�flower eS�

Sometimes even Japanese cannot differentiate the accent. But we can understand from context.

Other faceA�parts:

eye: me a�? c��

neck: kubiA�a??a?? e��

cheek: hoppeta/hoo a?�a??a??a?Y/a?�a?Si??e��i?�

tongue: shita a?�a?Y e??


When we use e�? and e�?a?�??�i?Y

Both of them mean hair.



Her hair is very beautiful.


You should wash yourA�hair every night.


My hair grows fast.


beautiful hair


I have a lot of hair.


I like your hair color.


I like yourA�hairstyle.

Generally, we use e�? for whole hair, e�?a?�??� for a strand of hair.

Other words regarding hair:

touhatsuA�a??a?�a??a?� e��e�?

e�� means head, e�? means hair, so we can know what it means from those kanji.

This word is very formal so we do not use it in casual conversation.

You may find this word on Instruction of Rogaine or shampoo.

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