i-adjective – a?� a??a�?e�z | Lesson 25

i-adjective – a?� a??a�?e�z | Lesson 25 i-adjective : i adjective is the adjective ends with a?� I – adjective comes first and then it modifies the following noun.   a?�a?�a?�a??a??a�?a??a�?a??a?�a???�???�e?za��a��a��a?�a?�a��a�?a?�a??a?Ya��;)                           I adjective is very useful, so please remember ?Y?? You already […]

Vegetables in Japanese

Lesson23: Vegetables Vegetables: a��a?�a?� e�Ze?? Garlic: a?�a��a?�a?? Onion: a?Ya??a?�a?Z Pepper: a?�a��a?�a?? Ketchup: a��a??a??a??a?� Tomato: a??a?za?? Carrot: a?�a��a??a�� Suquash: a?�a??a??a�? Cabbgae: a��a??a?�a?� Cucumber: a??a��a?�a�S Eggplant: a??a?� How was it? You need to know this vocabularyA�when you go to a supermarket in Japan. Actually, Ketchup is just exactly the same, kechappu. There are a lot of loanwords […]

Bonsai/a??a��a?�a?�/c��?�? | Japanese Art

Bonsai/a??a��a?�a?�/c��?�? | Japanese Art What is bonsai? Bonsai is a Japanese art which is the small tree planted in the container. By proper treatment, the tree has remained the original figure in the small pot. We enjoy the beauty of the miniature model of the tree by cultivating. How we enjoyA�bonsai? – Distinctive feature: We […]

Japanese School in Tokyo

Tokyo Central Japanese Language School ??�a?�a?�a��?�???�e?za��e�? ?��a�??��?�?e?Zc??a�� Tokyo central Japanese language school in Shinjuku Tokyo! Shinjuku is very cool city and you will find various things! Shinjuku is like a business city but also there are a lot of places you can enjoy!   Top 10 Japanese School Rankinga��(In Progress…) 1A�A�JCLI ?�???�e?za��?�?   2A�??�a?�a�?es�????�?a��e�?   […]