Best Apps for Learning Japanese

There are some apps which are popular among Japanese learners.

Apple Apps

App Name Description
Duolingo - Duolingo Practice reading, writing, speaking, listening and conversation with intelligent Chatbots. Track your progress, earn rewards, and join the world’s largest community of language learners.
LingoDeer - Learn Languages - LingoDeer Co, Ltd.
  • Detailed grammar notes that explain how the language works
  • Built-in flashcard review system that helps one memorize new words and selectively reinforces skill points
  • 2,000 most frequently used words and phrases in each course; JLPT N5 is covered
  • Pleasant and authentic recordings from native speakers that are crystal clear
Learn Japanese with Tako - Grogshot Games, S.L. Learning Japanese has never been so easy and fun! Join Tako in an adventure in which you'll learn to write and read Japanese. Through guided lessons, you'll learn to write hiragana, katakana and over 100 kanji correctly, as well as their perfect pronunciation recorded by Japanese teachers.
Tandem - Language Exchange - Tripod Technology You can instant message, send voice clips, share pictures and chat via video with your friends. Enjoy smart messaging features like in-app translation (powered by Google Translate) and correction, with games to help you with your video language exchange.
Memrise: Language Learning - Memrise Native speaker videos for language learning in context – no actors, just real people! Chatbots to help you sound natural and hone your conversational flow
Japanese Sensei Lite - Cole Zhu Inc.
  • Animations of every hiragana and katakana character presented
  • Hundreds of recordings of vocabulary words and example sentences
Human Japanese Lite | Learn Japanese with your personal sensei-in-a-box™ - Brak Software, Inc.
  • Audio recorded by native Japanese speakers for all words and example sentences
  • Romanized Japanese to aid beginning students not yet comfortable with kana
  • Furigana displayed for all Japanese words and example sentences

Pod Cast

Podcast Name Description
Learn Japanese | (Audio) - Language training system consists of free daily podcast audio lessons, video lessons, Japanese Word of the Day, Premium tools, and a vibrant user community