Lesson 24 : Telling Time in Japanese

Telling Time in Japanese

Today we learned how to tell time in Japanese.

As we learned before, for some numbers, such as 4, 7, and 9, there is more than one way to say, but for telling time, we can only use one specific reading which I introduce in this lecture

Hours in Japanese

We use the counter “?��”
This basically means oa��clock

This kanji ?�� means Time.

Kunyomi: Toki
Onyomi: Ji

1 ?�� ichiji
2 ?�� niji
3 ?�� sanji
4 ?�� yoji —– We do not say yonji or shiji
5 ?�� goji
6 ?�� rokuji
7 ?�� shichiji —– We occasionally say nanaji, when we want to prevent mishearing. Ex. time to flight at airport
8 ?�� hachiji
9 ?�� kuji —–We do not say kyuuji
10 ?�� juuji
11 ?�� juuichiji
12 ?�� juuniji

a.m. a?�a??a�� a??a�? gozen
p.m. a?�a?� a??a?? gogo

For minutes, please remember as I explained in the video.

1 a?� ippun
2 a?� nifun
3 a?� sanpun
4 a?� yonpun
5 a?� gofun
6 a?� roppun
7 a?� nanafun
8 a?� hachifun
9 a?� kyuufun
10 a?� juppun


Minutes i??a?�i?�in Japanese

For minutes, we use the counter “fun or pun”

When we use PUN or FUN?

There is one rule:

When we write how to read the numbers for minutes,

If the reading of the number ends with

small tsu, or n, We say PUN.

Otherwise, we use FUN.

Wa call this small tsu, SOKUON. and call n, hatsuon.

a??eY?–a??(small tsu)



?��eY?–a??a�?a??a��a??a��a�?etc ( 1 letter and small letter but 1 mora long / 1 syllable )

Today’s lesson is that’s it.
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a?�a??a�?a??a?Y ?�?a?�a?�a?�a�?a?�a?Sa?sa?�a?�a??a?�a��a?�a��

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