Bonsai/a??a��a?�a?�/c��?�? | Japanese Art

Bonsai/a??a��a?�a?�/c��?�? | Japanese Art

What is bonsai?

Side view of a bonsai tree against a white wall

Bonsai is a Japanese art which is the small tree planted in the container. By proper treatment, the tree has remained the original figure in the small pot. We enjoy the beauty of the miniature model of the tree by cultivating.

How we enjoyA�bonsai?

– Distinctive feature:

We check the unique feature of the kinds of the tree and how we can feel the seasons from it. For example, having the beautiful flower, fruit, bud, and red leaves, which represents the distinctive, unique appearance of the tree.

– Conditions:

Having the healthy state is the primary. Abnormal look or lousy condition is not respected.

– Structure of the tree:

The frame of the tree is called reinforced wood, is is the main stem. They are appreciated in the fall-leaf-season of the leaf, follower, and bud as well and also still demanded the appreciation value.

– Compatibility between pot ant bonsai

The harmony of the Exhibition and accessory is essential. Therefore, the size, shape, color, and the texture of the pot is the key. When we appreciate the bonsai, it is placed on the table which matches with bonsai, and adds some short plants and viewing stones on the bottom board, or sometimes even decorated with kakejiku/?Z�e�?/a?�a?�a??a??. We appreciate the spatial art with the whole.

– Generation

Tree, Container, and accessory represent the antique look, and it is called Generation, and the elegant simplicity is the subject to the appreciation. It can be similar to the state of wabi-sabi /a�?a??a?�a?? (sense of the Japanese art)

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Bonsai Exihibition 2017

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