10 Great Things About The Japanese Restaurants

The best 10 great things about the Japanese Restaurants


Have you ever been to the Japanese restaurant?

I have, so many times because I am Japanese. 🙂

I would like to reveal the real fact of Japan, what are the best things about the Japanese restaurant.

1 The menu has all the pictures of the food

The Japanese restauranta��s menu always have a picture of each food and beverages.

The Japanese menu is very kind because we can see what the food and beverages like.

Even if you can not read Japanese, you can understand what it is from the picture of the menu.

This picture shows one of the most popular restaurants a�?Gust.a�?

As you can see, we can understand what it is.

There are a lot of franchise family restaurants in Japan.
Such as Gust, Skylark, Bikkuri Donkey, etc.

By the way, my best recommendation is Bikkuri Donkey. You should try it if you visit Japan.

OISHII! a?Sa?�a?�a?�i??

From the view of Japanese about the foreign restaurant, I need to read English, and if I do not understand what it looks like I need to ask the waiters. And if I still do not understand, just guess.

2 There is a button to call the waiter

Many of the family restaurants have the button on the table. If you press the button, the waiter can know which table you are sitting at.

That is very convenient! Because no matter if you are sitting far away from the kitchen space, the waiters recognize you need help, so they will find you and it is fast! Even if you need just OHIYA a?Sa�� a?Sa??a��( Just a glass of the water ), they will serve you with a great smile.

Culture difference:
We need to raise a hand and need to get their attention. In the US, we better to ask the same waiter because most of the restaurant in US, 1 waiter serves 1 table. It is sometimes hard for me. I need to call loud a�?Excuse me!a�? If I want to get another glass of the water, I need to check if they come close to our table as I eat the food.

3 We do not need to pay Tips

One of the best things about Japan is we do not need to pay tips! I personally do not like that we have to pay the tips in the US or Canada. Because for Japanese, it is not common so we need to calculate how much we should pay for the tips! If we do not know, we need to google or ask the local friends before visiting the restaurant.

Japanese service is straightforward, just pay money, and you will get the whole service. You do not need to worry about tips! They are pretty kind and give you a pleasant smile!

4 Cheap

What is the great about Japanese restaurant is cheap! Well, in this case, I compare with a few other English countries though. It is just $3 -$10 if you eat at Gyudon Ex. Yoshinoya, Sukiya.
If I eat in the US restaurant, I do not think I can get food with only $3. If we eat in the restaurant, we should spend money at least $10 to $20, plus you need to pay tips! Do not forget. Also

5 Fast

If you go to the Gyudon franchise such as Yoshinoya, Sukiya, or Matsuya. You just only need to wait, 1 to 5 minutes! They serve very fast!

6 24/7 days open

Some of the restaurants open 24 hours / 7 days! If you are hungry at midnight, you can go to the restaurant!

7 You can go there by yourself

Many Japanese restauranta��s restaurants are very OHITORISAMA a?Sa??a??a�S?�? 1-person friendly!
There are tons of people who go to the restaurant without any friends! The atmosphere is like that, so you do not feel awkward or when you feel like going to the restaurant, you can!

8 Delicious for the price

The food quality is still “made in Japan” for the price. Umma�� kore oishii! a?�a�?a�?a?Sa?�a?�a?�i??

9 There are a lot of the restaurants in walking distance!

If you walk the major cities in Tokyo, you can find those restaurants pretty easy.
Well, perhaps you can check them by google map on your iPhone.

10 Great Service

Of course, you can get the Japanese style of the service 😉

My recommendation: Yoshinoya (Well I have more but for now. )


Fast: 1 minuete to 5 minuet
Delicious: OISHII a?Sa?�a?�a?�
24/7 Open: Anytime you can eat
Cheap: From approximately $4 (1$=100yen)
1 person friendly attomosphere: Ohitorisama a?Sa??a??a�S?�? ga ooidesuA�, you can visit alone
Yoshinoya, Now even delivers that great taste to your home.

A�This is the Japanese Yoshinoya. Even though This is just a funny CM but you can see how it looks like 🙂


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